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Cafe Pita+

10852 Westheimer Road

Houston, TX 77042


Rating: He h8, She 8. Our first tie!

Imagine my shock when lil ole me got a press invitation to go to the opening of the new location of Cafe Pita+! I’ve always wanted to try it but I never really want to drive to BFE.

Let’s jump straight to the food.

By the way, I full acknowledge my horrible photo taking skills. I’ve now made it to the next step of actually bringing my real camera. Next step is to remember to use my camera instead of my phone.

Ajvar Dip (Hummus with roasted pepper and eggplant):

He ate: I thought this was more like a red pepper dip, and didn’t realize it was hummus. When I think hummus, I think beans. This was a very dip-like consistency. It was creamy, and I liked it. Fun stuff!

She ate: even though hummus ranks as one of the top items that make me fart, I love all hummus and will risk having wind beneath my wind for it. This hummus was no different. I enjoyed the slightly spicy kick the red bell peppers added.

Meza (soujuk, pastrami, feta, jack, olives, stuffed peppers, lepinja bread):

He ate: Love this appetizer plate! You get to try a little bit of everything. We get a lot of cured meats when we eat out, so I have a large range of what I’m looking for in a charcuterie plate. Most of the time I want some sort of prosciutto-esque fatty meat. I hold all meat up against prosciutto (maybe not the best idea but that’s just me). I liked the thinly sliced cured beef that was drizzled with oil on the right (Chef Omer explained that this was the most common pastrami in Bosnia). It was unique, and I’ve never had it anywhere else. It was tough without being jerky. The only thing off about this plate was the smoked gouda. It tastes like something you just buy at the grocery store. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have it in my fridge right now.  Feta for me always blends into the background so that’s nothing special.

She ate: The pastrami was most excellent. It was drizzled with a little bit of spicy oil, and just fatty enough for me to not hate it (I hate it when it’s TOO LEAN!). The gouda, as Aaron said, was boring. Aaron doesn’t eat peppers, so I ate the stuffed pepper and it was ok, nothing too special. I actually thought the Bulgarian feta was excellent! My friend’s husband is from Bulgaria, and he is always talking about how the feta there is so much better. I now have an inkling of what he’s talking about. It had a richer, more savory taste.

Salad Trio (Mediterranean salad, Cafe Pita salad, Cabbage salad):

He ate: I did not like the salad. I didn’t even realize it was a trio, I just thought it was one big boring salad. It was fine, but I don’t understand how you would recommend this salad to anybody.

She ate: I’m always excited when there’s a salad because it’s something I can eat a lot of without feeling healthy. The Mediterranean and Cafe Pita can suck my dick, they were pretty boring albeit fresh. The cabbage salad was not anything extraordinary, but at least it was something a little different. It had a healthy dose of black pepper to help the flavor train along.

Burek (Variety of puff pastry with beef, potato, spinach, or cheese)

He ate: These were delicious. They make the puff pastry in-house, and you can definitely tell. The skins were soft and fluffy, and the fillings were perfect compliments. My favorite was the beef, which tasted fresh and had a nice seasoning to it. I also loved the “butter” (cottage cheese + cream cheese) that was served with it. The cheese burek I thought were too rich and a bit of an overkill, but still more than edible.

She ate: Finally, here comes the good stuff Diners Drive-Ins and Dives was talking about! I prefer my puff pastry to be more crispy and buttery, but I definitely appreciate the made-in-house taste of these babies. I did not think the cheese bureks were overkill. In fact, I added more of the cheese butter ON to the cheese bureks. Mmmmmm heart attacks!! I highly recommend these.

Cevap (Ground beef and lamb sausage links with lepinja bread), kebabs (chicken and beef)

He ate: I really liked the sausages! They had some sort of spice in it that I can’t identify, very unique I think to Bosnian cuisine. The skewers were just ok, pretty boring. These were served on a huge bed of rice that was…nondescript. Meh. Chef Omer went into great detail explaining how the lepinja bread was made in-house, then cooked on top of the sausages so it has a meaty flavor…personally if he had not told me the cooking method, I never would have thought this bread was anything special.

She ate: I saw these sausages made on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and was VERY excited about them…they were ok. The flavor was very unique but…they just weren’t all that great. The skewers were a bit bland and nothing special…but more cheese butter!! Cheese butter makes everything better. I LOVED the lepinja bread and disagree with Aaron! I can definitely taste the meat flavor (Let’s not forget Aaron was also the one who thought cauliflower fritters were CALAMARI). The bread was so soft, pillowy, but still had a nice chew to it. I can eat these but the truckload!

Bosnian Pizza (homemade dough with mozzarella, soujuk, pastrami, mushrooms, and onions)

He ate: I wish this dish did not exist. Not that it wasn’t perfectly above average, but just that…well, it didn’t seem unique or Bosnian at all. The dough tasted just like any other pizza dough, and…I don’t even know what else to say about it.

She ate: I was too excited about more pastrami on the pizza to notice anything else. I love pizza so I was happy to eat this, but Aaron’s right, nothing about this says Bosnian aside from the pastrami. I wish they used some sort of more unique sauce instead of plain ole marinara.  I think this was a real missed opportunity to do something very creative.

Baklave and Crepes:

He ate: The crepe, like the majority of the meal, was meh. It was kind of weird but boring at the same time. The baklava was very weird to me. The ratio of nuts to pastry was 99 to 1, and it wasn’t very sweet. I wouldn’t get this again.

She ate: I thought the crepes were perfectly fine but nothing unique. It was filled with a chocolate pudding, which I thought was less than stellar. The chocolate tasted a bit dull and the pudding texture threw me. The scary red sauce was not good. Way too sweet and artificial tasting. I like that the baklava was not cloyingly sweet as most baklavas are, but I need my puff pastry, dammit!

tl, dr: too fucking far to go back, but might be worth it for the lepinja bread and cheese burek.