Aaron and I both enjoy food a lot, but for different reasons. Aaron enjoys it purely for the flavor and experience, while I have emotional attachments to food. We go out to eat a lot, so I thought it would be a good idea to record what we each thought of the place, as we agree just as often as we disagree.

Because we go out to eat so much, I try to cook as healthy as I can when we do eat at home. I love cooking so I will be posting some recipes and meals we have at home. You can also you can check out my past recipes at our family recipe blog, From Our Family Kitchen!

Here we are at our all time favorite restaurant, House of Pies.

Aaron is a computer developer, and I am a copyright manager at the Menil Collection. I casually write for Culturemap. We enjoy working out like insane people, then schizophrenically eating like pigs and then chowing down salads like crackheads.

This blog is unapologetic, sometimes offensive and/or blatantly racist,  humerous (in our minds), and always honest. It may or may not include sailor-style cursing (sorry mom and dad!).


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