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219 Westheimer Road

Houston, TX 77006


Rating: 8

He ate: In the past I’ve usually gotten country fare at Feast—a lot of simple dishes. Feast’s thing is simple dishes done well. Nothing I’ve ordered in the past have been bad…but they’ve just never been anything I particularly cared for. I think no matter how well cooked something is, if you don’t like the ingredient, you’re just not going to enjoy it. This visit I got stuff that I do like and it was really good!

She ate: Aaron and I have been to Feast a couple times in the last years. Since we are both big fans of nose to tail eating, we were more than psyched to try the praise-laden restaurant. Even though we didn’t h8 it, the lack of flavor disappointed us. We decided to give it another try last week and were pleasantly surprised that Feast had upped its game.

He ate: We got a bottle of 2002 Minervois (French) Grenache and Syrah blend to share. It was a heavy red and went well with all the meat to come. It was a little sharp at first but really mellowed out after letting it breath.

She ate: I think the bottle was $45, a little steep for us but well worth it. I love LOVE heavy red wines, and Grenache is one of my favorite grapes. I thought the wine was pretty mature already and didn’t think it was sharp like Aaron says.

He ate: We started with the bone marrow. Even though this dish was fine, it was one of the weakest dishes. Bone marrow is always good, but it was really small portions. There really was nothing special about this dish. The best part about this dish were the spoons that came with it. I’ve never seen bone marrow spoons before and it helped me to consume the meat butter faster. Win.

She ate: I agree, this bone marrow is nothing compared to The Modular food truck’s bone marrow…or even the bone marrow at Stella Sola. Meh. We totally should’ve gotten the lamb testicles instead. I’m not even kidding.

He ate: All of the sides at Feast were English terms I have not heard of, one of them being the Welsh Rarebit. This is basically bread toasted with beer, cheddar, and Worcester sauce on top. It reminds me of something a mom would make as an after school snack. It was a very white-person snack. I do regret not getting the testicles in addition to the Welsh rarebit because how many times do you get to eat testicles (if you’re not Amy)?

She ate: I really liked this appetizer as well, although I wish the cheese to bread ratio was a little more balanced. There was way too much cheese for the bread, and they were out of bread when we asked for more. But overall still a thumbs up. Not too salty, very satisfying.

He ate: This was a huge pig tail! That pig must have been pretty big. It was super tender, crispy, and fatty. I loved that it was served with butter (which we were later informed was aioli). I would highly recommend ordering this when you go next time, and you should go soon because their menu changes pretty rapidly.

She ate: I have to preface this by letting y’all know that last year when Aaron was using my computer one day, he looked in my search history and my top two most searched for words were “curly pig penis” and “donuts.” ANYway I was disappointed that the pig tail was not curly, but my disappointment was soon erased by the deliciousness that followed. This was the freaking bombdotcom. Ok. The top layer is pretty much just pure fat. And it’s not the congealed solid fat that’s on pork belly (I’m not dissing pork belly fat, I’m just saying it’s different). It’s more of a soft, melty but still solid fat. The meat on the tail was very tender. They coated the tail with bread crumbs and baked it (not fried, therefore healthy! Yeaaah). I do love that they served fat (I mean aioli) to top over the fat. Mmm. Good.

He ate: I had haggis in Scotland five years ago. It was served in a plastic bag because apparently there was some law there stating they weren’t allowed to cook it in actual stomach membrane. Weirdly enough the haggis I had in Scotland was considerably spicier (whereas the rest of the food I had on that trip was god awful bland). The haggis at Feast wasn’t spicy but it wasn’t bland either. The meat was well cooked and they had it on some pureed creamy potatoes that complimented well…it reminds me of a shepherd’s pie.

She ate: I’m glad they are allowed to cook it in stomach lining in the US…I love that texture, it’s one of the best part of the dish! I’ve never had haggis before and I’ve heard terrible things about it…but now that I think of it, all the horrible things I’ve heard about it are from people who only know what it is (scary animal parts blah blah blah go kill yourselves) and had never actually eaten it. It reminds me of a big boudin, but with more meat. And we all know more meat=good.

He ate: I was so full at this point, I can’t even really remember what this tastes like.

She ate: I really loved the beef tongue. It was super moist and flavorful. I love the texture of the tongue versus a brisket…not stringy, dense yet still tender. Also I really love making out with cows. It was served with some much welcomed brussel sprout leaves, bubbles and squeak with a creamy caper sauce. I had to stop myself from eating the entire dish myself!

He ate: I totally forgot we got sticky toffee bread pudding! And here I am wondering why I feel so sickly full…well aside from the twenty pounds of meat I just ate. It didn’t seem like a ton of thought was put into it

She ate: Our waitress really sold us on the toffee bread pudding so we ordered it even though we were stuffed to the brim. It was pretty disappointing, so I didn’t even bother taking a picture of it. Dessert (and vegetarian dishes—try asking about the vegetarian moussaka…the answer was more or less “because we have to appease the vegetarians.”) are obviously not Feast’s focus. If you are really jonesing for sticky toffee pudding, get yourself to Branchwater. They didn’t get on GQ’s top five desserts of the year for nothing, yo! Anyway, back to Feast,  when it comes to meat they are pretty much the best in town.


Taco Bell’s Dorito Loco Taco

Taco Bell

Rating: 8


My 18-year-old brother in law visited last weekend and in an effort to be young, wild, and reckless, we each got an after-dinner Dorito Loco Taco. I heard about this magical taco a year ago when it was not yet in every Taco Bell and have been dying to try it! It totally lived up to our sexpectations. Do yourself a favor and get the supreme Doritos tacos—the sour cream enhances the nacho cheese Dorito flavor, which was in full force.