Pizaro’s Pizza

Pizaro’s Pizza

14028 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX

(281) 589-7277 ‎
Rating: h8

Pizaro’s Pizza is yet another restaurant the foodiesphere have been buzzing about. Everyone loves it, it’s the new best thing next to wonder bread, blahblahblah.

So of course, Aaron and I have to be sheep and follow the herd.


Was it worth it?

He ate: So we walk in, stand in line, order. It was very crowded, but it was a Saturday night so maybe expected. They have a pretty short list of pizzas available, which is kind of a good thing. All the pizzas looked interesting but nothing extravagant which was a little disappointing. It would have been nice to see some creative combinations. Every single table had brought their own wine, so the atmosphere was pretty festive. The service was great—they didn’t have any wait staff and they were not understaffed. But based on the food alone, I don’t think I would recommend it. With pizzas you go two directions. Either you get a style, and it’s AWESOME. Great deep dish, great Napoletana, great New York style—whatever the specific style the pizzerias focuses on, they nail it cold. Or you go with something that’s interesting. Pizaro’s aimed to be of the former category, and it wasn’t awesome.

She ate: So, we came here a couple of hours after I had just finished the Tough Mudder challenge. It was the most traumatic three hours of my life, so I really wanted to treat myself. I had pretty high expectations of this place even though you’d think by now I’d learn to not let myself get so excited over foodie hype. It’s almost always a let down. The service was great. The owner invited us to stay after they closed so we can drink our no-corkage fee BYOB wine. The atmosphere was eh…in a strip mall, typical of Houston, and the inside was pretty bare bone, suburban pizzeria decor. Metal/wood furniture, not very cozy. For self-serve condiments, they had Sriracha (seriously, when will this trend end? It’s not that good, people, and no it does not belong on everything. And putting it on something doesn’t make it cool. It’s just another Asian food staple white people  think did not exist before they discovered it. Therefore it is the shit and you should put it on every single food because oh my god it is SO good and goes with everything and you want to snort it. But I digress.) To Pizaro’s credit, they did have another spicy, red oil which I’ve never had before. The owner warned me that the oil is as spicy as it looks, and he was right.

Cornicione Di Ricotta e Spinaci (Margherita pizza, crust stuffed with spinach and ricotta):


He ate: I love stuffed crust pizzas so I was pretty excited about this one. It was only ok. I expected more stuffing to crust ratio, and was disappointed because it was largely crust with a little bit of mild stuffing. Overall the pizza was only ok.

She ate: Ok, this pizza was $17 for a 12″ pizza. With no expensive, rare, interesting ingredient. And three-quarters of the pizza was just crust. The sauce was your run-of-the-mill tomato sauce. It was pretty good, we ate it in about five minutes because it was small, paper-thin crust, and not much substance. While I highly appreciate paper-thin crust with the lightly burned bottom etc etc, there was so little of the actual thin crust part that I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it. The stuffing inside the crust was pretty flavorless. All the ingredients were very fresh, I’ll give them that.

Arugula (Olive oil, garlic, arugula and shaved parmesan with prosciutto):


He ate: This pizza was much better than the first one. It tasted more of what I expect a Napoletana pizza should taste like. Prosciutto and arugula is a pretty standard combination, so…there’s really nothing more I can say about this pizza other than it tasted pretty good.

She ate: I agree, this is much better than the first pizza, but again the crust to actual pizza ratio is so high that the middle part was gone in seconds, and we’re left with boring crust with no flavor (albeit good texture). The prosciutto and arugula were both very fresh and tasty but that’s about it.

tl; dr: Great service, free BYOB, but not worth the drive. Piola is better.


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