This, is How, You Doooo Eeeet

Like I said in this previous post, I have yet to find a western restaurant that does pork belly right. Correction: the Modular Food Truck does the pork belly justice, but in every other restaurant, I always make the mistake of excitedly ordering the pork belly, then being completely disappointed when the meat to fat ratio is 2 to 1 instead of 1 to 5. I know some people are not fans of fat, but if you’re not, you shouldn’t be ordering the pork belly.

If you feel the need to include a lot of meat on the belly, then you should braise the shit out of it so the meat is tender. The meat attached to the belly is by nature not the most tender. A word to chefs out there: to get the best and cheapest pork belly with the correct ratio of meat and fat, go to any Chinese supermarket! They do it right. Look for a sign that says “五花肉,” or just ask for the pork belly, or just look for the slabs of fat in the meat case.

Now, on to the cooking process. In my completely unbiased opinion and upbringing, my uncle #4 makes the best goddamn pork belly in the world, and I will get into fisticuffs with anyone who disagrees with me. My sister posted his recipe here. Check it out and make it!

Don’t forget to get out the maternity pants! Elastic is your friend.


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