Happy New Year!

For our new year dinner, we had lobster brie grilled cheese. New year’s eve conveniently fell on a Saturday this year, and we have lobster every Saturday (thus the coined term Lobsterday) we didn’t have to change our routine much.

We got the lobster from the new HEB. For their opening, they had a special for $5.99/lb. Excellent deal! I bought 6 lobsters and spent 4 hours shelling them. We got Cowgirl Creamery brie from Houston Dairymaids, which i HIGHLY recommend. It is the best brie I’ve had in a while. Sadly, I put the brie on the stove too early, so it got too melty (Aaron says brie tastes better cold). Next time I must remember to put it on at the very end and I need to remember to leave the wax crust on. I spread mayo on the outsides, per the Kitchn’s tip. It was most excellent.

We paired it with a bottle of 2006 Sauterne and finished the meal with some Costco holiday cookies. This is the life.

Past Lobsterday pictures:

Lobsters are slippery bastards.

But we conquered and devoured them.


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